Bharat News is a Fastest growing News Network based in Delhi NCR. Bharat News has been in the media industry for the past 15 years serving as a Local/ regional News Network and Rapidly growing nationwide.

Initially, Bharat News was Broadcasted/circulated through the cable network as a local news bulletin for an hour in Delhi and the western part of U.P, but due to a major downfall in 4/5 years of cable T.V network, Bharat news started displaying its content through the internet/social media network to reach more people as it has also become a parallel platform to satellite network/private media Houses.

Bharat News has been serving people in the field of media through its quality and transparent journalism without any source of funding through any medium. we believe in quality news without fabricated content/propaganda/ideology as we know the Significance of Journalism in a developing nation.

We Need Your Support to make it a national news network and to enrich the neutral and fact-based content to the people. we believe, “A true journalism can create a true society”.

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Bharat News Channel has also done big programs at many places, just a glimpse of them.